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Our forested bayous and streams are more threatened than ever

Buffalo Bayou with public forest of Memorial Park on the right, River Oaks Country Club on the left. Photo by Jim Olive


Save Buffalo Bayou is dependent on the generosity of people who care about protecting our great Mother Bayou, its forests, waters, wetlands, prairies, sandy banks, high cliffs, and many tributaries. Flood risk management based on nature is the cheapest, most effective, most beneficial practice. Help us fight for enlightened, cost-effective, green responses to flooding.

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Nature is not just a pretty face. Trees and vegetation cleanse our polluted urban water, reduce rain runoff that causes flooding, protect against erosion, and filter out sediment from the stream.

What we’ve been doing

Here is the latest on how Save Buffalo Bayou has been working to protect our public forest and fighting for rational, science-based flood risk reduction:

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                                                                   Yellow-crowned night heron by Frank X. Tolbert 2.


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