Donors 2016


Thank you to our generous donors in 2016:


The Bayou Fund, Frank Smith

Yellow-crowned night heron by Frank X. Tolbert 2.

Yellow-crowned night heron by Frank X. Tolbert 2.

The Hamman Foundation

The Hershey Foundation

O Live Fund, Olive Hershey

Prometheus Trust, Blaine Adams, trustee


Adam Adams


John Baker

Bill and Nancy Brownell

Reagan Burch

Janice Chatham

Bettie Cartwright

Judy Dean

Kathleen Fey

Catherine C. Flato

Michelle Foss

Louis Frey

Julie Itz

Rob Jamail

Nancy Jeffery

Juliebeth Collective

Carole Keene

Richard Keeton

James Mabrey

Brandt Mannchen

Celeste Mead

Helen Musselwhite

Jose Porth

Jeffrey Sechelski

Martha Claire Tompkins

Mary Van Kerrebrook

Thomas Vallee

Andrew Vrana

Landrum Wise


In-Kind Contributions

Arvin Conrad, computer consulting

Photography by Witt Duncan

Tom Helm, Helm Canoe Guide Service

Jim Olive Photography

Christian Sarkar

Connor Winn

Geoff Winningham