Donors 2014-2015

Buffalo Bayou thanks the following individuals and organizations who have made generous donations to support Save Buffalo Bayou in 2014-2015:

Yellow-crowned Night Heron by Frank X. Tolbert 2.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron by Frank X. Tolbert 2.


The Bayou Fund, Frank C. Smith Jr.

The Hamman Foundation

The Hershey Foundation

O Live Fund, Olive Hershey

Prometheus Charitable Trust, E. Blaine Adams, trustee


Rebecca Allen

John Berlinghoff / Evelyn L. Merz

Judy Dean

Kirk Farris

Michelle Michot Foss

Claude Glover

Office of Terese T. Hershey

Barbara Hinton

Richard Hyde

Tamsen Kiehnhoff

Emilie Kilgore

Sheryl Kolasinski

Rodger Lacy

Ofelia Mayo

Fan and Peter Morris

Al & Elizabeth Pacholder

Dan Phillips

Christian Sarkar

John B. Schwaller and Sue Vincent Schwaller

D. Stephen Smith

Frank Tamborello

Frank X. Tolbert 2

Martha Claire Tompkins

Janice Van Dyke Walden

William S. Wilson

Marylyn M. Woodhouse

Joan Smith Woodward


In-kind contributions:

Steve and Jordan Astrich,

Arvin Conrad

Chris Conrad

Kirk Farris

Steve Green

Tom Helm, Helm Canoe Guide Service

Kronberg’s Flags and Flagpoles

Jared Kudabeck

Jim Olive Photography

Christian Sarkar

Ann Stautberg

Frank X. Tolbert 2

Geoff Winningham

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