Films: Floating Above Buffalo Bayou


Watch these moving aerial films of Buffalo Bayou.

Jared Kudabeck: The middle meander at the eastern edge of Memorial Park that would have been completely obliterated by the Harris County Flood Control District’s “restoration” project, including the cliffs. This lovely video shows a sandy, white beach and deep forest on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou belonging to the River Oaks Country Club. On the north is Memorial Park where the bayou has shifted back and forth slightly over a flat area, creating a sandy marsh next to a small tributary. The high bluff there is many thousands of years old. These bluffs are often mistakenly described as being the product of recent erosion. But they have been there controlling the bends of the bayou for thousands of years. They are a valuable feature of our prairie landscape and should be preserved as part of this historic natural area.

Chris Conrad: Taken from the high bluff in the Hogg Bird Sanctuary overlooking the tributary. Everything you see in this video, including the very old bluff, would have been bulldozed and “restored” by the Harris County Flood Control District in the plan promoted by the Bayou Preservation Association and as of 2018, fortunately on hold.

Connor Winn: Flying down Buffalo Bayou. In 2016 then Rice student Connor Winn shot this fourteen-minute drone film of the Mother Bayou from its beginning in Katy to its end in Burnet Bay near the San Jacinto Monument.

George Parker: This short drone video shot by George Parker in 2018 shows Buffalo Bayou flowing between Memorial Park and the River Oaks Country Club after the club had bulldozed parts of the bank and loaded it up with concrete riprap — but before the club scraped it again to install sheet pile and concrete walls.

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