The historic natural banks of Buffalo Bayou as it flows past Memorial Park in Houston. Photo by Jim Olive.

The historic natural banks of Buffalo Bayou as it flows past Memorial Park in Houston. Photo by Jim Olive

In the words of our city’s great conservationist, Army Emmott, Buffalo Bayou is a ribbon of life flowing through the concrete of Houston.

Once again, that life is threatened. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the greatest storm ever to hit the Houston region, our bayous and streams, forests, wetlands and prairies are more vulnerable than ever as public officials look for outdated flooding solutions and big spending projects.

The Fight Never Ends

Please make a tax-deductible donation (use the DONATE button up there on the right or down there on the bottom) and help us defend not just Buffalo Bayou but all our bayous and streams. We advocate for more cost-efficient, green, nature-based solutions to flooding, solutions that do not fall back on expensive, ineffective, and outdated engineering fixes like widening and deepening the channels of our streams. Flooding begins on the land. Flood management needs to start before storm waters enter our rivers. That means trees and vegetation, ravines and swales that slow down, spread out, and absorb rainwater. More permeable surface. Stop raindrops where they fall. It’s what the rest of the world is doing.

We fight to protect our public forests (see also here) so crucial for flood and erosion control and the health of our waters, among other things. The flood control district continues to cut down our trees despite its legal responsibility for the “conservation of forests.” (P. 1, Sect. 1) We need to protect the health and riparian buffer of all our streams in the Houston area, streams that feed into our beloved and vital Galveston Bay.

We want to educate people about wasteful and counterproductive public policy and about proper land management to protect property from erosion along bayous and streams in urban areas. We want city dwellers to appreciate all the Bayou City’s streams as well as our mysterious southern “mother bayou,” an irreplaceable resource accessible to all in the middle of our city.

Nature: Not Just a Pretty Face

We hope to create more understanding about how rivers work and about the natural life cycle of streams. Nature is not just something pretty and sentimental. It’s not just habitat for wildlife. It is vital to our own habitat, our water, and the air that we breathe, to our physical and mental health. And sometimes nature is messy.

We must address the real issues behind flooding, behind erosion of property and the pollution of our waters.

So please help us with a tax-deductible donation now. Use the handy DONATE button at the bottom of this page. Or there’s another button up there on the right!

Note that PayPal deducts nearly 3 percent for donations.

Checks can be made out to Save Buffalo Bayou and sent to 3614 Montrose #706, Houston 77006.

We’ll send you a beautiful bumper sticker that says Nature is the Best Engineer: Save Buffalo Bayou.

Donations over $150 receive a lovely white cotton t-shirt decorated with our night heron logo designed by Frank X. Tolbert 2.

Save Buffalo Bayou is a 501c3 nonprofit association. The trustees are Blaine Adams, Bruce Bodson, Susan Chadwick, Bill Heins, Tom Helm, Olive Hershey, Janice Van Dyke Walden, and Bill Wilson. Here is our GuideStar profile.

4 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. Reagan Brch says:

    Check on the way.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    1. Thank you for your support! Much appreciated.

  2. Kenneth Curcio says:

    As a longtime admirer of Buffalo Bayou, particularly in Memorial Park, your efforts are greatly appreciated, even more so since Harvey. The consequences of unfettered development, public and private, will continue to plague the entire watershed. I hope your efforts to raise awareness of how critical it is to rethink how we try to control nature are successful.

    1. Thank you very much, Mr. Kenneth Curcio for your donation and your support and encouragement.

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