Addicks Flood Network Zoom Meeting

Jan. 19, 2021, 2 p.m.

By Mike Dach, coordinator of the Addicks Watershed Flood Mitigation Network

The Zoom objectives include:

Buffalo Bayou Debottlenecking Methods

Susan Chadwick, Executive Director of Save Buffalo Bayou, requested clarifications to documents we distributed on:

  • Buffalo Bayou Flood Mitigation – Consensus Building
  • Buffalo Bayou Flood Mitigation – Methods

Houston Stronger (HS) – Community Action Plan – Update

Three Members of our ten Member Review Team, attended the HS 01/15/2021 Zoom.

  • If other Review Team Members are interested, we can provide an Update on the HS Plan, and the HS Zoom.
  • “Harris Plus” is morphing into “Houston Stronger”
  • HS is a leading Stakeholder in responding to the BBTRS Interim Report.

Zoom Invite – Community Activity Zoom

  • Meeting Time:  Tues Jan 19, 2021 at 2: PM Central Time
  • Moderator:  Mike Dach
  • Zoom Host:  Mike Dach,
  • Zoom Meeting Link:

  • Meeting ID & Pass Code should not be needed if you first follow or open the Link, because they are both embedded in the Link:
  •  Meeting ID: 859 0894 8482
  • Passcode: Community
  • Participants Zoom Names:  Full First & Last Names preferred.
  • RSVP:  None
  • Zoom Registration:  None
  • Agenda:  Informal

o   Say what you want … avoid Politics.

o   To show related documents, pictures or PowerPoint Slides:

  • Mike will enable Participant to use Zoom Share Screen feature

o   To survey the Participants about a topic of interest:

  • Send brief Survey text to Mike for input into Zoom Polls feature