Photos of the Riparian Forest

Here are other photos of the enchanting riparian forest along Buffalo Bayou.

A slideshow of photographs created by some of Houston’s top photographers and artists.

  • Buffalo Bayou riparian forest. Photo by Jim Olive.
  • This first summer photo was taken by Susan Chadwick in July 2014. Proponents of Flood Control's destruction/restoration project claimed there was no overhanging tree canopy in the area. River Oaks Country Club on the right.
  • Riparian forest on Buffalo Bayou in Houston. Photo by Geoff Winningham.
  • Overhanging tree canopy on Buffalo Bayou shades and cools the water and provides erosion control and wildlife habitat.
  • Buffalo Bayou riparian forest. Photo by Ann Stautberg.
  • Buffalo Bayou riparian forest. Photo by Geoff Winningham.
  • This beautiful tributary extending deep into the center of Memorial Park is labelled a "gully" by the flood control district. It will be plugged. Tributaries are protected under the federal Clean Water Act. Photo by Jim Olive on March 25, 2015.
  • This tributary in the Hogg Bird Sanctuary will be engineered, dug up and filled in. Photo taken July 31, 2015, by Susan Chadwick
  • Looking through the riparian forest canopy on Buffalo Bayou. Photo by Ann Stautberg.

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