Classes on the Bayou


How Old is Buffalo Bayou? Where Does It Come From?

Want to learn about the geology and natural history of Buffalo Bayou?

Paddle with professional geologist Tom Helm on a two-hour canoe trip down Buffalo Bayou and see some of our Pleistocene natural history right here in the middle of Houston. Learn all about the formation of the bluffs and sandstone rocks during the last ice age. Find out why the banks are sandy and how sand moves downstream, why the river looks the way it does, and much more.

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4 thoughts on “Classes on the Bayou”

  1. Chuck Sears says:

    Interested in doing the trip

    1. Great. You will be amazed. And learn a lot.

      Contact Tom Helm at

  2. jessie dean says:

    Very interested in class

    1. Good idea! Too much rain and water for the next several days, but contact Tom Helm to set something up. You’ll enjoy it!

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