Regional Committees, Organizations, Studies, Newsletters Focused on Flooding

As of May 2022

May not be exhaustive.

Committees, Organizations, Task Forces


City of Houston Resilience Office

Harris County Community Flood Resilience Task Force

            Harris County Engineering Infrastructure Resilience Team

San Jacinto Regional Flood Planning Group, Region 6. Draft plan due to the Texas Water Development Board Aug. 1, 2022

            Planning Committee

            Executive Committee

            Technical Committee

            Public Engagement Committee

                        Public Input

                        Data gathering map

Houston Galveston Area Council Regional Flood Management Committee

Flood Information Clearing House Committee, Texas Water Development Board, in cooperation with the Texas General Land Office, the Texas Division of Emergency Management, and other state agencies, regularly meets “to review funding inquiries submitted to the committee and to coordinate the use of state and federal funding for flood mitigation projects.”

Private or Non-Governmental

Houston Stronger (West Houston)

            Buffalo Bayou Community Plan

Barker Flood Prevention Group

            Project Barker

Addicks Flood Mitigation Network (One Creek West)

Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition

Residents Against Flooding (Buffalo Bayou and tributaries and beyond)

Reduce Flooding Now (San Jacinto River)

Riparian Houston

Brays Bayou Association

Sims Bayou Coalition

White Oak Bayou Association

Northeast Action Collective (Halls, Greens bayous) and Bayou City Initiative, Northeast Houston

Thriving Earth Exchange, Texas Organizing Project, (Hunting Bayou) Northeast Houston

Greens Bayou Coalition

Bayou Land Conservancy (Spring Creek)

Coastal Prairie Conservancy (formerly Katy Prairie Conservancy)

Bayou City Waterkeeper

Coalition for Environment, Equity, and Resilience

Studies and Plans


Living With Water

Resilient Houston

COH Redevelopment and Drainage Task Force Final Report (2018)

Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium reports

Harris County

Harris Thrives

Harris County Flood Control District

Harris County Flood Control District Flood Bond Projects

            Tunnel Study, Phase 2

            MAAPNEXT, Harris County Modeling, Assessment and Awareness Project

            Project Brays


San Jacinto River Regional Watershed Master Drainage Plan

Gulf Houston Regional Conservation Plan


Texas Flood Assessment 2019, Texas Water Development Board

Texas General Land Office River Basin Flood Study, Central Region, ongoing, final due summer 2024. Another data gathering project in support of the Texas Water Development Board’s flood planning effort.


US Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Resiliency Study, due Dec. 2023

            Interim Report, feasibility and environmental impact, Oct. 2020

            Extended study of stormwater tunnels, along with other alternatives, in partnership with the Harris County Flood Control District, draft report due fall 2022, conclusion Dec. 2023

Metropolitan Houston Regional Watershed Assessment

Texas Integrated Flooding Framework, a data-gathering and planning project partnership led by the Texas Water Development Board, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the US Geological Survey, with support from the Texas General Land Office.

                        Presentation at the US Army Corps of Engineers Summer Stakeholders Meeting, Aug. 11, 2021

Interagency Flood Risk Management, a joint project of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Weather Service