It’s Ending!

Last Chance to Watch Wild Texas Film Tour, including Lovely Short Film Bayou City

Dec. 31, 2020

So 2020 is going out with a boom, possibly some tornadoes, and a lot of rain, which brings up flooding. And watching movies.

We’ve been sort of urgently silent. We’ve been busy listening and working with others, questioning and answering questions, attending virtual meetings, researching the issues to help come up with the best, most effective, most environmentally sound alternative to the Corps of Engineers outrageously backwards plan to widen and deepen 22 miles of Buffalo Bayou and destroy tens of thousands of acres of the Katy Prairie.

Save Buffalo Bayou board members paddling on Buffalo Bayou with filmmaker Olivia Haun and her crew. Image from the film, Bayou City.

Bayou City

In the meantime, today is the last day to watch the FREE lovely films in the Wild Texas Film Tour. These 26 short films include the informative and inspiring “Bayou City,” featuring Armand Bayou Nature Center, Save Buffalo Bayou, Bayou Land Conservancy, and the excellent riparian and urban wildlife programs in our city and state parks departments.

Bayou City was produced by Olivia Haun, the 2018 Wild Texas Film Tour Grant Recipient and Outreach Specialist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Diversity Program. Over the past two years, Olivia has been traveling to Houston, home to 22 bayou systems, totaling over 2,500 miles of waterways throughout Harris County. Her beautiful short film captures stories from some of Houston’s most passionate and dedicated bayou conservationists and sheds light on the issues the bayou ecosystem has faced over the past century.


And yes, please. Don’t forget your last minute tax-deductible donation to Save Buffalo Bayou. We need everyone’s help to stay afloat.

Save Buffalo Bayou board members, including founding board president Frank Smith, observing the misguided destruction of the south bank of Buffalo Bayou opposite Memorial Park in Houston. Image from Bayou City.

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