Gloves Coming Off: The BPA Has Lost Its Way on Buffalo Bayou

June 25, 2014

Our response in the Memorial Examiner to Robert Rayburn, president of the Bayou Preservation Association

Critter den and tracks in a sandy bank of Buffalo Bayou to be bulldozed by Harris County.

Over time, the mission and purpose of citizens’ organizations can erode and change course. Tragically, this is the case with the Bayou Preservation Association, founded in 1966 “to protect the natural beauty” of Buffalo Bayou against the bulldozers of the Harris County Flood Control District.

In a 1984 KUHT documentary, BPA founding member Terry Hershey warned that we must always be vigilant because the HCFCD would always try to find a way to strip and channelize our southern, slow-moving bayou and turn it into a drainage ditch. How shocking that the BPA itself is now promoting a Harris County project to bulldoze nearly 1.5 miles of our last remaining wild bayou in the middle of Houston in order to do just that.

Read the editorial in the Examiner.

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