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May 28, 2014

Here’s an easy, fast way to make a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers before the June 30 deadline.

Buffalo Bayou riparian forest. Photo by Jim Olive.

Buffalo Bayou riparian forest. Photo by Jim Olive.

A friend of Buffalo Bayou named Jamie Campbell has started a MoveOn petition that you can sign.

It’s titled “Stop the Bulldozers on the Wild Banks of Buffalo Bayou in Houston’s Memorial Park.” It will be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality before the June 30 deadline for comments on Harris County’s application for a permit to bulldoze the bayou.

You can sign the petition here. Pass it around. Tell your friends. We can stop this bad idea!


12 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to the Army Corps of Engineers”

  1. Zachary Schools says:

    I am not native to Houston, but upon moving there from Dallas in 2004, I was enchanted by Buffalo Bayou and appreciated it’s somewhat untamed existence in one of the largest US cities. I believe measures should be taken to preserve it for future generations as well as our current generation that has always known of it’s beauty and value.

  2. Judy Adams says:

    The Army Corps of Engineers are bright, creative people. Surely they can see that this is not the best long term solution for the environment and the citizens of Houston. Please deny this permit while a better solution is created. Thank you.

  3. N. Vargas says:

    Save Buffalo Bayou. We are all in this together.

  4. david m. newman says:

    Are you kidding !!!!!?????? Who Profits ? Find another “solution”.

  5. Arlen R. Isham says:

    I have run in the picnic loop area for almost 30 years. It is called affectionately, Ho Chi Minh, Laos, and Cambodia. It is crazy to do a channelization of the Bayou and completely against any concept of preserving nature. Do not do this.

  6. Trey Atkins says:

    I was afraid when I saw the bulldozers clearing dead trees in the park from the drought a few years back that “some” would use it as an excuse to “expand” park use by permanently clearing areas of the forest, making more picnic areas, etc. There were corporate groups already trying to make the forest section “more accessible” by erecting trail signs, etc. The bayou trail improvements east of Memorial Park are really nice and more than adequate to provide Houstonians expanded access to the bayou. No need to change the banks of the bayou through the Memorial Park area. Don’t let Buffalo Bayou become the next concrete canal (San Antonio). Keep Buffalo Bayou special with its natural setting through the Memorial Park stretch.

  7. Alex Lindsay says:

    Can we please leave something natural in this city…we have way too much concrete and ugliness already!

  8. Susan Ishmael says:

    Please maintain Buffalo Bayou in its native form…especially through Memorial Park. I am a Native Houstonian and have seen way too much destruction of our “Human History” here…all for the almighty dollar…where with just a little more thinking our landmarks could be adapted and reused. Please maintain our “Ecological History.” There IS another way.

  9. Mark Fenelon says:

    Keep the bayou running free – it is a natural flood plain – we don’t need to muck it up.

  10. Dawn Hardwick says:

    Please don’t ruin the Bayou….Houston has so few natural settings left. Please don’t make these changes.

  11. Dawn Hardwick says:

    Please don’t ruin the Bayou!

  12. Susan Fitch says:

    Please leave Buffalo Bayou alone. Nature made it perfect. It doesn’t need anything else done to it!

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