Comment period extended to June 30!


Pettibone Buffalo Bayou copy 2

Pettibone inspects improvements to Buffalo Bayou west of Shepherd Drive. Drawing by Kirk Farris.

May 20, 2014

Some good news. The Army Corps of Engineers has extended the public comment period on the project to bulldoze our beautiful banks of Buffalo Bayou in Memorial Park and the Hogg Bird Sanctuary. The new deadline is June 30. Get those comments rolling in! It’s not enough to just say you hate it, don’t understand it, and someone needs to be run out of town for this horrible, senseless plan. Although you can make as many comments as you like so go ahead and say how you feel. See here to find out how to comment and where to send it.

4 thoughts on “Comment period extended to June 30!”

  1. louise schlachter says:

    i am opposed to the army corps of engineers’ plan to urbanize buffalo bayou …. essentially evicting the wildlife … short sighted

    1. Thanks. Let the Army Corps of Engineers know that. But please note this plan is being proposed by the Harris County Flood Control District. The Army Corps of Engineers has to issue the permit.

  2. Ted Cathey says:

    I do not think it is a good plan to change Buffalo Bayou, it is a wildlife area and needs to be left in its natural state as much as possible.

  3. Donald Smith says:

    not a good plan, I say NO. Leave it as it is!!

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