This is their plan for Buffalo Bayou.


May 7, 2014

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers you oppose the proposal to bulldoze the natural ecosystem of our last urban wilderness. You have only until June 30 to tell the government it’s better to restore the native habitat than to destroy it.

Restore. Don’t destroy.

A riparian forest cannot be replaced.

Join us to learn more at a public meeting of concerned citizens on May 22 at St. Stephen’s Community Hall, 1805 W. Alabama, beginning at 6:30 p.m.


Images of Buffalo Bayou Now.


And this is what they want Buffalo Bayou to look like when they are done scraping it bare, stripping the native habitat, and planting it with grass.

A photo of Cypress Creek after "restoration" by the Harris County Flood Control District.

A photo of Cypress Creek after “restoration” by the Harris County Flood Control District.

6 thoughts on “This is their plan for Buffalo Bayou.”

  1. Alison Tyler says:

    I have pasted a copy of a letter I have just e-mailed to the US Army Corps of Engineers, opposing the plan to bulldoze the Buffalo Bayou.
    I have also e-mailed
    Please contact me if you have any further advice:

    “I am appalled to learn of your (US Army Corps of Engineers) plan to bulldoze the natural ecosystem of the last urban wilderness in Houston, Texas.
    Memorial Park attracts not only Houstonians but thousands of citizens from around the nation with its natural forest and bird sanctuary, bringing in much needed money to a city on an already strained budget.
    Bulldozing the forest would not only destroy habitat for several hundred species of flora and fauna, it would also turn visitors away from Memorial Park.
    Nobody wants to look at a concrete ditch, devoid of all forms of life.
    Consequently, this plan would not only result in the loss of irreplaceable riparian forest, but also the loss of income for the city of Houston.”

    Thank you all at Save Buffalo Bayou for alerting me on this issue.

    1. Thank you. We hope everyone also comments on the editorial in the Chronicle. However, please note that the county is not planning to put down concrete. When they are done removing the trees, some of them very old, scraping up the vines and vegetation and soil and bulldozing the banks, they plan to insert tree roots, rip rap, and stuff, cover it up with fiber matting, and plant Bermuda grass. That maybe sounds okay to people who don’t like nature or don’t understand ecology, or don’t see the contradiction in doing that, but it will kill the bayou ecosystem and make the bayou look like and function like a dead ditch.

    2. Pete Simpson says:

      How do we contact USACE about this? Where are plans available to comment on?



  2. Maria Mancilla says:

    Iets pray to GOD so that he can hear our prayers to protect what he has created and not what humans want to destroy.we know money is ruler of we must trust in power of prayer.

  3. Pete Simpson says:

    How do we contact USACE? Where are the plans that we can comment on? Are they posted online or in a building somewhere?

    1. Please see the What to Do tab at the top of this page. You can see some of the plan by downloading it from the Galveston District ACE website here. Please note that the abbreviated plan is available as a pdf file from clicking Project Plans just above the line that says Comment Period Extended to June 30.

      However, take note that these are not the full plans. The full plans can be seen only in person by going to the Galveston District Office of the ACE. Why the full plans are not posted for the public to see is very odd. You might want to contact the Galveston District Office and ask them to post the full proposal on their website for everyone to see.

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