Save Buffalo Bayou Is One of the Top Ten Most Intriguing Ideas of 2014

Jan. 2, 2015


Lisa Gray, esteemed editor of Gray Matters, the Great Ideas section of the Houston Chronicle, has selected Save Buffalo Bayou as one of the Top Ten Most Intriguing Ideas of 2014.

She writes:

In May, when I pitched Gray Matters to the Chronicle, I wrote that it would be “about ideas” — a description that, I realized later, was fabulously broad. Everything worth talking about has an idea in it. I love you is an idea. I want a cookie is an idea. I want to do tequila shots at 9 a.m. is a bad idea. But it is an idea.

Obviously, some ideas are better than others. They’re more original. Or more powerful. More able to transform our lives — or, just as important, the way that we see our lives.

Anyway: In the six months since Gray Matters launched, these are the ideas, big and small, that have rocked my world. Or at least made it wobble on its axis.

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