Buffalo Bayou, River of Life: The Show Goes On

Sale of Buffalo Bayou Art and Photography Continues through Nov. 28

Important Benefit for Save Buffalo Bayou and Friends of Don Greene!

Flatland Gallery, Café Brasil, 1709 Westheimer, Houston

Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 6 p.m.

And By Appointment. Contact Us.

Watch This Short film: Photographer and Author Geoff Winningham Describes His Discovery of Buffalo Bayou

Nov. 16, 2021

So a lot of interesting people showed up for the public opening on Saturday, Nov.13, met friends old and new, and had a good time.

They didn’t buy everything. We still have fabulous photography, plans, maps and postcards, old and new, for sale. The photographs include work by Geoff Winningham, Jim Olive, George O. Jackson, Alfred Comey, Henry Stark, and unknown 19th century photographers.

In addition, and still available for purchase, are enchanting artworks by Janice Freeman and by Houston school children. The latter participated in a photography and art project developed by Winningham that focused on the city and the bayou. The project resulted in the 2017 publication of the book In the Eyes of Our Children: Houston, An American City. The book is offered for free to anyone who buys a print.

“The Original Bayou,” 2016. Reilley Jones (4th Grade, Mark Twain Elementary School). Signed, archival pigment print from an original monoprint.

All of the work in the show is about Buffalo Bayou. Here is a link to the catalogue.

The exhibition and sale of modern and historic photographs and art benefits two nonprofit organizations devoted to nature and rivers: Save Buffalo Bayou and Friends of Don Greene.

Though the main show is in Flatland Gallery adjacent to Café Brasil, there are large photographs and prints on view and for sale in the café itself, which is at 2604 Dunlavy at Westheimer.

The amazing show was researched, curated, and printed by Geoff Winningham, renowned photographer and professor at Rice University, who is the author of many photography books, including Along Forgotten River, about Buffalo Bayou.

Here is more information about the show and sale.

Geoff Winningham, Buffalo Bayou in Terry Hershey Park, 2000.

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