In Memory of Frank Salzhandler, Longtime Defender of Buffalo Bayou

March 9, 2015

Longtime environmentalist and defender of Buffalo Bayou Frank Salzhandler died unexpectedly last month at his home in Houston’s Cherryhurst neighborhood. He was much too young.

Frank was a respected activist and the founder in 1989 of the Endangered Species Media Project, a nonprofit organization that graciously sponsored Save Buffalo Bayou before it became an independent nonprofit last fall.

Among its many important projects, in 2010 the Endangered Species Media Project commissioned Houston composer Brad Sayles and the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra to create a symphony for Buffalo Bayou.

We offer this opportunity to listen to the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra playing the lovely Buffalo Bayou Suite in honor of Frank Salzhandler.

Listen to the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra playing Brad Sayles’ Buffalo Bayou Suite.

Frank Salzhandler, 1951-2015.

Frank Salzhandler, 1951-2015.