2013 Topographic Map of the Buffalo Bayou in the project area.

2 thoughts on “2013 Topographic Map of the Buffalo Bayou in the project area.”

  1. Hi,
    I am a photographer and I have photographed along Buffalo Bayou from Waugh drive to downtown. This work was previously shown in Goldesberry Gallery about 15 years ago. The Gallery is now closed. Four of the images were acquired by the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston for their Art collection. I am making a handmade book of some of these images for a personal edition of about eight books and I am looking for a topographical map of the bayou from Waugh Drive into Downtown. I want to see if I can in some way use the meandering path of the bayou for the cover of the book. Do you by any chance have such a map?

    1. We’d love to see some of your photos!

      Yes, we have topo maps of Buffalo Bayou from around 1915 to the present. You can get topo maps for free from the US Geological Service.

      Here is another source for Texas topo maps.

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