irgw55@tceq texas gov_20160419_100650

irgw55@tceq texas gov_20160419_100650

2 thoughts on “irgw55@tceq texas gov_20160419_100650”

  1. Alton Freeman says:

    Please protect the wetlands and prairies in Texas. This is not a solution to flooding. The answer is to restrict overbuilding.

  2. Marie Johnson says:

    Those of us who live in Harris County are painfully aware that TXDOT has not planned responsibly.
    Roadways in the wetlands must be permitted with full consideration of this unique environment.
    Failure to do so has resulted in deaths and massive destruction of property.
    I have lived in Harris County for 62 years.
    The current state of roadway planning is beyond unacceptable.
    This bill will only make it worse.
    State Highway 6 has been under water since April 19th – and expected to be so through the end of May.
    And you guys want a one size fits all permit for the wetlands?

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